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Tenant Resources

What is a "Guaranty of Lease?"

A Guaranty of Lease guarantees jointly and severally the payment of all rents, or any other monies due. How do I pay my rent and when is it due?

Rent is due the first day of each month, no matter which day the first lands on. There is a three day grace period in which you may pay rent. Late fees are assessed on the fourth day of each month.

You may mail or bring your rent check in to our office at 21 Santa Rosa Street, Suite 250, San Luis Obispo. Our dropbox is accessible 24/hours a day, 7days/week.

What if I need maintenance on my unit?

Non-emergency service requests can be submitted by emailing or calling our office at (805) 543-2636 x 27. You can also come into our office and fill out a maintenance request form.

Any email or messages should include your name, property address, contact info, and detailed description of your maintenance issue.  

For emergency situations after hours:

Call our office at 805-543-2636 and wait for a live operator to assist you.

If you smell gas or suspect a leak, call SoCal Gas at (800) 427-2200.

Is there insurance coverage in the event of a fire, theft or natural causes? Does my lease provide coverage for my belongings?

Tenant's or guest's personal property and vehicles are not insured by Landlord, Manager or, if applicable, HOA, against loss or damage due to fire theft, vandalism, rain, water, criminal or negligent acts of others, or any other cause. Your are advised to carry owner insurance (renter's insurance) to protect yourself from any such loss or damage.

Renter's insurance is relatively inexpensive and can often be secured through your automobile insurance carrier or through your parents' insurance.

Are any of your units furnished?

No, we typically do not offer furnished units, unless otherwise specified within the property description.

When should I turn on my utilities?

Utilities should be called out two weeks prior to your lease start-date. The start date for your utilities is the date your lease begins.

Changes in Noise Ordinance:

Effective March 5, 2010, the San Luis Obispo Police Department has modified the City's noise ordinance. Please be aware of these changes.

The Police Department has also passed an "Unruly Gathering Ordinance" as of May 20, 2010. Be sure to read over the new ordinance.

Security Deposit:

Once approved for a rental, the security deposit must be in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order. The security deposit is due within 72 hours of being approved for a property.

Your security deposit does not cover rent. Please pay your rent clear through until the end of your lease agreement.

**All of our units have a specified move-in date. Be sure this move-in date fits with your schedule prior to filling out an application for a property.**